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Risk Management Services

Protege Fund Services delivers timely and accurate risk management services that assist clients in their critical decision making process. The benefits of an effective risk management protocol can vastly affect fund performance due to over or under market risk exposure.




Risk Dashboard & Compliance

Risk Dashboard

  • Risk & Leverage Limits Monitoring

  • Mandate and Limits Carve-Out Monitoring

  • Full Greeks & Sensitivity Analysis

  • Risk Dashboard for Compliance Officers


Credit Risk Reporting

Credit Risk

  • Default Losses Distribution

  • Credit Value-At-Risk

  • Default Distribution

  • Jump-To-Default Risk


Market Risk Reporting

Market Risk

  • Market Value-At-Risk & Stress Testing

  • Currency Risk, Interest Rates & Credit Spread Sensitivities

  • Regulatory Gross Leverage & Commitment


Liquidity Risk Reporting

Liquidity Risk

  • Cash-Flow Projections & Estimations for Liquidity Arrangements

  • Estimated Assets Liquidation Time and Cost

  • Investors Redemptions and Other Liabilities Liquidity Modelling


* Fees may vary depending on fund structure, frequency and complexity and is quoted on a per fund basis. For quotation in SGD, ala-carte services or fund services not listed above, please contact us for more information.

** Protege Fund Services reserves the right to amend its pricing and fees to its products and services at any time at its own discretion without prior notice and the services offered on this website are subject to the terms and conditions as informed by Protege Fund Services.

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